Friday, 13 September 2013

Towns versus isolated mountains

This is where the brain storming started. Wonky scribbles. Ffion took these notes:

Imagine two geographical scenes: the first has tall mountains, with single shops and entities balancing precariously on the top of each, perhaps not even in shouting distance from the others, and the second contains a pretty valley, where every shop has a next-door neighbour, in close proximity. 
Robert would like these two scenes to represent the difference between the Internet and physical towns (which he would like to make less apparent). On the Internet you go to one website, perhaps an online shop, right at the top of a mountain and then that’s it, maybe you go to another one afterwards, but it’s a separate act, and it’s quite a lot of effort for you. In a town, you discover new things as you are going along, and each shopkeeper might know something about another place in the town that’s nearby and exciting.

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  1. I get the gist but the description doesn't keep out & grab . . . Try again . . . & again if necessary, you're definitely on the right track.


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