Friday, 21 September 2012

Projects: wireless and fibre

'Just dive in and have a go.' I was invited round to dinner the other night, a very nice chorizo risotto, and asked about building both a nice and useful website.
At school we learnt theory and then applied it. In my career not so much, in life not at all. It is more often the case that doing something gives me an understanding. To keep progressing I decide on a project I want to tackle and it is that project which defines my study - I then jump in at the deep end. If you want a great website do it this way, get help by all means but immerse yourself in your project.

Projects come to an end too. A server (called 'spleen' - I have a gift for naming machines) has now been turned off and it marks the end of two projects I've had for quite some time.
Both projects related to connecting our community together electronically, building the information roads and lanes around town. The first was a wireless project called lilyhopping because information was supposed to make small jumps around town to get where it was going. The second was a grander scheme to see if we as a community we could self fund a massive overhaul and have super fast telecommunications coming to houses using fibre optic instead of wires.
Neither project stood the test of time unfortunately but through them I learnt, made friends and have some stories. Give your project a go, better still two or more and do something you don't know how to do or might not succeed; it'll be worth it anyway.

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