Saturday, 3 March 2012

Fewer people make more and customers pay less

Hannah has been studying an e-course Hello Soul Hello Business for the past few months, she mentions how inspirational Beth and Kelly's course is in a post. For me just looking at the business of e-courses illustrates something interesting about getting knee deep in the messy internet.
You are better off learning than delegating, a least when it comes to moving your business to the Internet. My argument is that your web site, your blog and immediate contact with customers ought to affect what you do and how you do it. The Internet is the railway coming to town, for good or bad sweeping changes are coming with it. To make those changes good for you embrace them, get your hands dirty.
So back in the old days, y'know 2009 or so, something along the lines of Hello Soul Hello Business would have been put on by a conference company. That company would have an MD, offices, minions and be quite expensive to run. Compare that to an e-course, in this case it's just two people, no receptionists, no photocopy room. That's got to make it far more profitable but more than that it'll make it cheaper to the customer. And not just that, I am convinced that the e-course is likely to be more specialist and valuable to people who never would have signed up to a corporate do.
This is great news if you are a creator like Beth Nicholls or Kelly Rae Roberts but not so good if you are a minion of a besuited corporate MD. Think about this: at the moment the world is heavy with minions and short on creators; and creators can do without minions. The creators of an e-course make more profit providing cheaper access to more specialist and valuable content than any conference organiser and they are not specialist e-course people (there shouldn't be such people.) This is the roll your sleeves up revolution, I say if you're hiring people you're doing it wrong.
While I'm up here on my high horse let me tell you about Stop Stealing Dreams which is a provocation to reinvent education, there is a free book. Schools are inventions of the industrial revolution and are designed to produce compliant workers for factories. As I say above we don't need more minions, it's a good read.

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