Friday, 7 October 2011


Hebden Bridge has a lot of little shops. This hit home when I had a play making a tube map of the town, I call my map the Web of Hebden. I've done something similar before with This is Hebden.
The reason I'm interested in this is that the web doesn't really have locality. If you are on the web you are alone in a sea of billions of web sites. Yet in real life it is really important what company one's shop keeps. It makes sense to come to Hebden Bridge and browse from shop to shop; on the internet not so much.
For some web sites this doesn't matter, if you are a warehouse of goods basically your website has to accurately represent your products and make it easy to buy. But if you're not a pile it high sell it cheap merchant it's quite a loss to miss out on being part of a vibrant community of shops.
For me it's one illustration of why selling online is different; it's why search is so important yet in real life there's no need to google 'butcher.'
I suspect if you have a presence in the real world as well as online it would be clever to give your internet visitors a flavour of what's around you. Say I was waivering trying to decide on whether to visit Radiance in person, I might be swung if I knew that I could go for a nice walk, have a cup of coffee and check out other shops.

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