Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Operation stone soup

I was at a committee meeting last night. Such meetings frustrate me, they feel so useless. My mind wandered. I want to learn and share how small businesses use 21st century communications technology but nobody will help if I do anything like this meeting.
When I was a child I had a book of the tale Stone Soup. For some reason that book lived in the toy cupboard not on my book shelf; it’d fall out as I dug around for marbles or stretch armstrong and I guess the book always got shoved back into the cupboard. That book must have been the non conformist sort.
I’ll remind you of the story. A hungry stranger arrives in an unfriendly village, no one will offer him food. He builds a fire places a pot to boil above it. Into the pot he pops a stone. He tastes the water and exclaims how delicious it is. Curiosity piqued one by one villagers approach and enquire. He tells each one that he is making stone soup a delicious and hearty meal, but it would be even better if he only could add a single carrot (the ingredient changes with each villager.) Each villager offers to bring their ingredient if they could try the stone soup. Eventually the soup is ready and the stranger shares it with the now much friendlier villagers. All agree stone soup is much better than their own carrot (or each villagers own particular ingredient) soup.
You might see why I drifted off, that’s a model of cooperation a long way from community rooms, minutes and agenda. The reason I bring it up here is that the soup we make sharing our Internet tribulations will be far tastier and without endless meetings.
My stone soup is very tasty but it would be much better with just one thought of yours ...

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  1. Good story! I somehow missed that story when I was growing up AND i missed stretch armstrongs too!

    I'll bring some lentils for your soup when I get home!x


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