Thursday, 12 May 2011

Start before you are ready

It is easier to keep going than to start, so start now before you are ready.
I'm currently working on Hannah's Radiance site. One of the best things about the site is that Hannah has created it from scratch and has brought her close to her online shop in a way that buying the website in from a design company wouldn't have done. I am reluctant to move Radiance away from a system that Hannah has complete control over and understands but the online shop is now large and Hannah has asked for help. A site with 400 products is difficult to manage.
Radiance will need databases and web programing to ease the management of those products and more. Should we have implemented databases back in July 2009? I think not because Hannah now has specific expertise about the Radiance website that I or any web developer could not.
I urge you to start in order to become an expert, not in web development but in your own particular internet project. Avoid the temptation to hand over to someone else, it might be an imperfect system you have to adopt in order to be in control. When that imperfect system has to be changed you'll then know what to delegate and what is important to be in control of.
It is worth having some support doing something as brave as this. Please be part of a group of people that will urge each other on. Post in the comments to support and be supported.


  1. This applies to me too. 'Training for internet bravery' is just at its start and gaining confidence and momentum is hard.
    I'll cheer you on.

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  3. Hi Robert look forward to learning more.

  4. Oh btw it applies to me too. I'm kind of jumping in the deep end with my 'Internet Bravery.' So I raise my hand and say 'me too I want to be part of this group.'

  5. Brilliant post! So that's why my ears were burning!

    Yes I am so glad I did it myself first. Marvellous learning experience and now I know what I need next.

    Yes let's support each other in taking the plunge and learning as we go along!

  6. After much running around the houses and table! I have managed to create a website with Yola so anyone who struggles give it a try. of course if you are not in a hurry Robert can guide you through the hoops and with a little practice anything is possible.!


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