Sunday, 29 May 2011

Magic, what looks hard can be quite easy

I can make websites work, the cogs, gears and pistons that are behind the scenes. Sometimes it's engineering and sometimes it's a magic trick. With the right knowledge or practice the trick makes something impressive happen with dramatic ease. This week I taught someone a web trick and they were amazed at it's power.
Hannah Lawson wildlife illustrator, printmaker, photographer and naturalist guide also known as penguin Hannah asked me about a web shop. I said it wouldn't be so hard to accept payments on her website for her new line in sea charts; I was eyed with suspicion. After 30 minutes I heard 'I never imaged it could be that easy' and a secret was shared.
I broke the barriers down a little, and opportunities have opened up. I thought that was much more valuable than simply altering the sea charts page to accept payments. For one Hannah can do this for any product she has or will make but more importantly the mystery has been lifted and she knows ordinary mortals can take control too.
It isn't my interest to make people into web developers, but I enjoy helping them get something done.

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